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Freezing potatoes is a great way to put up potatoes; however, like most fresh ingredients we freeze, the taste and texture will slowly diminish over time. Realistically, frozen potatoes are best eaten within a month. Freezing is just one of many options for preserving potatoes.


It’s not perfect, but the potatoes usually last well into January or February that way. But Don’t Let Them Freeze! You may be able to store your potatoes in your garage. However it’s important that the potatoes don’t freeze, so a garage might not work for you, depending on your climate.


My most favorite way to freeze potatoes is by making my own shoestring hash browns. I start by par boiling potatoes cut in half to remove some starch. I then shred them with a box grater and store them in freezer bags for flat freezing. I really appreciate these other ideas.


This year I actually have one row of potatoes in the garden and I think that there won’t be too many of them to freeze from what I’ll harvest, but my neighbors (I have the best neighbors!) just stopped by with a huge bag of potatoes the other day and I think that once I preserve all of them I’ll be all set for the whole year as far as ...


Below are five options you can try out until you find what works best for you. Option 1: Root Cellar Storage Fresh potatoes, carrots and canned vegetables in the cellar. The traditional method for storing potatoes is to put them in a cool, dark place where they aren’t at risk of freezing – like a root cellar.


4. Freezing. Potatoes can remain shelf stable for at least one year in a frozen state (unless your freezer or deep freeze loses power). Freezing potatoes for later use is the least reliable choice due to power concerns, even if you have a hardy generator and stockpiled copious amounts of fuel. However, this method does work.


How to Store Potatoes. Proper storage of your crop begins with a few cultivation practices prior to harvesting. Severely reduce the water you give the plants for a couple of weeks before harvest. This will toughen up the skins on the potatoes. Make sure you let the vines die all the way back before you dig up the crop.


Although potatoes are high in calories, they are low in fat and provide important nutrients, including dietary fiber, carbohydrates, potassium, calcium, vitamin C and folate. Frozen, homemade hash browns are ready to prepare in moments when you need them.


Freezing retards the growth of microorganisms and enzymes that cause food spoilage. For best flavor and texture, home-frozen foods should be used within 6 to 9 months.


I'm gonna show you the best way to freezing casserole. This trick will free up a baking dish and take up minimal room in your freezer. It's really easy. Line your baking dish with foil before building the casserole. Then, freeze the casserole like you normally would. Once it's frozen, remove the casserole, wrap it tightly in foil and plastic ...