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To make a stuffed animal at a Build-A-Bear Workshop, select an unstuffed animal, record a voice message, choose a heart, stuff the animal, and watch as the toy is stitched up. Afterward, fluff the new stuffed animal, then select clothing and a name.


Although recipes vary widely according to diet and taste preferences, the best filling for stuffed peppers typically includes flavorful ingredients like meat, aromatic vegetables, spices, grains and cheese. The filling can be customized by using beans or tofu instead of meat or diced sweet potatoes


Leftover cooked stuffing may be frozen for up to one month for safe use. To ensure the freshest stuffing, freeze the mixture in an airtight, sealed container or freezer bag.


A wombat stuffed animal is a soft toy that is made in the likeness of a wombat. Wombats are pouched mammals, or marsupials, found in Australia and other islands nearby.


Common pillow stuffings include feathers, down or a combination of feathers and down. Other fillings are polyester, polyester pellets, microbeads, foam and tiny polystyrene beads. Pillows can also be stuffed with cotton, wool, horsehair, shredded rubber and seeds, such as buckwheat, flaxseed and mil


It is perfectly acceptable to freeze stuffing. If stuffing is cooked inside a turkey, it needs to be removed from the bird immediately after it has been cooked.


Stove Top Stuffing is a side dish meant to resemble the stuffing that goes in a chicken or turkey. Made by Kraft, Stove Top comes either in a box or in a cylinder container.


Easy stuffed peppers rely on the basics like ground beef, onion, rice and tomato sauce. Added ingredients like garlic, salt and pepper give it some seasoning.


A recipe for stuffed peppers on BettyCrocker.com uses ground beef, rice, mozzarella and marinara sauce. This recipe takes 15 minutes of prep time and less than an hour to cook.


To make stuffed mushrooms, remove the stems from white mushrooms, mix cheese, bread crumbs, olive oil, garlic and herbs in a bowl, and place a small amount of filling in the base of each mushroom. Bake the stuffed mushrooms for 25 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit.