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Feb 22, 2019 ... Silver Tequila (Blanco, Plata, White, Platinum) This is the purest form of the blue agave spirit. · Gold Tequila (Joven, Oro) · Reposado Tequila.


Mar 16, 2018 ... I imagine I would lean more towards the silver though. I'm aware that Margaritaville is likely crappy compared to a lot of tequilas but I previously ...


Jul 24, 2020 ... Drink your margarita with more sophistication this summer, with this ... 100 per cent agave silver tequila boasting mint and pine on the nose and ...


Directions. Step1. Combine tequila, triple sec, fresh lime juice, and ice cubes in a cocktail shaker. Cover and shake well. Strain into prepared martini glass. Step2.


These are the Tequilas you can't go wrong with, according to the votes ... Discover best Tequila under $100 in 2021 and get free ... ... Avion Tequila Silver. Avion.


Feb 20, 2016 - Join the tequila revolution and get a taste of some of the best tequilas on the market. We researched readily ... Silver TequilaMargarita Glasses .


Jul 25, 2020 ... Silver tequila is great to drink on its own, but it's great for mixed drinks ... Whether you want to sip on something smooth or mix up a margarita, ...


It is frequently used in cocktails, such as the wildly popular Margarita, which is traditionally made with tequila, Cointreau and lime juice. However, by utilizing ...


Good Tequila for Margaritas and Mixing! We tried this tequila and have been happy with the taste and we would buy this brand again. Good bargain! Would you ...


Sauza Tequila is a spirit best enjoyed with others. Discover a new margarita recipe, the latest tequilas, the history of the Sauza Tequila process and more.