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Page 2 | This collection of desert landscaping plants includes perennials, cacti and shrubs that can be used as foundation plants for desert gardening. Our desert plants are particularly drought resistant/drought tolerant plants (xeric plants). These plants that live in the desert are particularly suited to low-elevation desert gardens found in Phoenix, Las Vegas, Palm Springs and surrounding ...


Garden Guy talks about beautiful plants that do well in the desert and are easy to take care of. [FULL STORY]


There are quite a number of plants to use for low-water Phoenix landscaping, but they're not all created equal. You want tough plants that look good year around to make your yard continually appealing, not just in summer or when they are blooming. Here are the best ones for year around beauty in xeriscape design


2018 is winding down and I always like to do an easy post to wrap up the year. Let’s put a bow on it, sit back and toast to the new year. I’ve lived in Arizona’s Sonoran Desert for just over 2 years now and am still figuring out what I want to do with my garden.


Desert landscaping, above all else,needs to be hardy and easy care. Sometimes we forget that we've got options, and that what grows well in the northern landscape won't do equally well in the southwestern United States. We try to force those plants and lush grassy lawns to grow for us in an environment that is anything but friendly to them.


Wherever rain falls in abundance, ground covers are popular; but even in this part of the desert, where water is rare and precious, we can grow many of these useful and pretty plants.


Low-Maintenance Plants for Easy Landscaping Consider these easy-to-grow shrubs, trees, and perennials to create a worry-free foundation in your landscape. For each, we’ve included planting, watering, fertilizing, and pruning tips for every gardening zone.


As she likes to tell desert-dwellers, "Gardening in the desert isn't hard, but it is different." June 20, 2016 / 3 Comments / by arizonaplantlady@gmail.com Tags: 10 shrubs for full sun , Bougainvillea , Caesalpinia gilliesii , Chuparosa , desert Southwest , Feathery Cassia , jojoba , landscape , little leaf cordia , natal plum , pink fairy ...


One of the most versatile plants for any landscape, the Orange Cape Honeysuckle has bursts of bright orange, trumpet-shaped blooms. This shrub trims into a medium to large bush or hedge and is frequently used as a vine to cover posts or fences. Arizona Yellow Bells Commonly called Yellow Bells, this shrub can grow 8 feet tall and wide.


Above: Garden Puzzle lets you click on a plant and add it to a landscape; $19 for a single user license comes with online access for six months. This is the easiest design program to use, period, and the most affordable. You can lay out a landscape plan for your front yard in this one faster than you can read the tutorial on many of the others.