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To find discount landscaping plants, watch for nursery sales, ask for discounts on plants with broken branches, and wait until the end of the season. Some plants, such as lilies, ferns, hostas and columbines, are available in bareroot form in bulk packages at much cheaper rates than potted plants.


Landscaping ideas with plants and shrubs include a decorative walkway, a backyard wildlife habitat and low-maintenance landscapes with evergreen shrubs. Even very small spaces such as courtyards and patios benefit from landscaping with containers and raised beds.


Plants adapt to the harsh climate of the desert in many ways, but most find some way to conserve water as much as possible. Some plants do this by storing water internally, while other plants have evolved waxy cuticles that cover their leaves, thereby limiting losses through transpiration. Additiona


Desert plants strengthen and maximize their chances of survival in arid environments through behavioral and physical adaptation mechanisms. Much like desert animals, desert plants such as cactus, agave and owl's clover practice different but effective adaptive strategies, including drought tolerance


Caring for a desert rose plant requires full sun, enough water to keep the plant well hydrated and temperatures of at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The desert rose plant requires a slightly acidic soil formulated for succulents and moderate feeding.


Some deer-resistant landscaping plants include lamb's ear, barberries, evergreen hollies and yarrow. The former has a strong sense of smell that deer find offensive, while the latter has a bitter, unsavory taste. The evergreen hollies and barberries have thorny limbs that prick the animals.


A landscaper is responsible for maintaining the grounds of a property using his or her hands or power tools. He or she performs tasks that include mowing, sod laying, trimming, fertilizing, raking, watering and planting. Additionally, the landscaper is expected to install and maintain sprinklers.


Low-water landscaping uses designs, plants and features requiring little if any irrigation. Also called xeriscaping, the idea is to use native plants and ground cover that doesn't require much water. Low-water landscaping saves money and benefits the environment because it doesn't require high water


Tips for growing desert rose plants differ from summer to winter. During the summer season, the plant requires full sunlight, daily watering and regular fertilization. In the winter, the plant requires infrequent watering, and it goes dormant.


The landscape of Mexico ranges from mountains and plateaus to coastal plains and deserts. The main geographical features are the Chiapas Highlands, Sierra Madres, Sonoran Desert, Central Plateau and Gulf Coastal Plain.