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Painted wood can be stained after taking a few measures to expose the viable wood. The most important step is to use paint stripper to reveal the natural wood underneath the paint.


To paint over stained wood, use 150-grit sandpaper to sand the surface. If the furniture looks glossy, sand until the surface looks dim. If the furniture isn't glossy, just sand out the rough spots. Remove all the nails and hardware from the furniture and coat the furniture with wood primer, allowin


To paint wood paneling, wash and sand the surface of the paneling, and apply primer and latex-based paint. Painting wood paneling requires 24 hours to ensure the primer has dried before applying paint.


Tips for painting wood trim include opting to both sand and apply primer to wood trim before painting the desired color to remove excess dirt, bumps, scratches and imperfections. Sanding also helps the trim to appear smooth and prepares the wood for the primer and new color or stain.


A good way to paint wood furniture is making sure that the surface of the furniture is relatively clean, even and free of cracks. If the surface has flaws, sand, fill and prime it before applying the fresh coat of paint.


To paint wood furniture, sand the wood surfaces using sandpaper, and apply spray primer before painting. You need spray primer, a paint brush, sandpaper, a damp cloth and paint to complete this task.


There are chemicals made to remove oil based paints from wood. The chemicals can be harsh so make sure to wear safety gear.


Robert Wood painted American landscapes in a realistic style. Most of his paintings are oil on canvas. Wood's style was influenced by Jose Arpa, who used bright colors and realistically captured the effects of light.


Pressure-treated wood may be painted once it has dried. The chemicals used to protect the lumber from insects and decomposition dampen the wood. If it is painted too soon, the results are unsatisfactory.


Latex or oil-based paints are good types of paint to use on wood furniture. Satin or semigloss finishes in either type of paint work best for furniture.