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Overseas civilian contractor jobs can be found through government agencies such as the U.S. Army Contracting Command or through online commercial employment bureaus, including JobMonkey.com and Monster.com. Job seekers can access available contractor positions through the Army at many office locatio


Find nursing job opportunities abroad through the military, U.S. State Department and charities, as well as through the World Health Organization and health care recruiters. Nurses who work overseas receive competitive salaries and benefits, and get unique and valuable experience working in poor dev


Although there is some variation depending on the country from which you are calling, it is necessary to dial a certain set of digits prior to dialing the recipient's mobile phone number. In European countries, you need to dial "001" before calling the United States.


The most important document to have when traveling is a passport. The U.S. government requires a passport or other document to exit the country, and requires only a passport for re-entry. Additional documents may be required depending on the destination and duration of travel.


Alcoholic beverages can be shipped through courier in the United States. Shipping small quantities of alcohol is unlikely to cause any problem if a person is returning to the U.S. and wants to ship alcohol for personal use. The importer needs to pay all the costs related to transporting the goods, a


There are specialist employment agencies that can provide employment as a paramedic in many countries. Medics Abroad explain that there is a shortage of all the health care professions globally.


Travelers should consider travel health insurance and medical evacuation insurance when traveling abroad, as stated by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The decision to purchase trip insurance depends on an individual's personal preferences and financial comfort levels, a


Overseas Adventure Travel is a travel firm that belongs to the global enterprise Grand Circle Corporation, and it provides small group adventures to Americans age 50 and above. Some of its destinations include South America, Asia, Africa and Europe.


To make international calls with your cellphone, dial your country's exit code followed by the country code, area code and phone number of the person you're contacting. You can also dial the plus sign in place of your country's exit code. The exit code for the United States is 011.


The starting salary for professional basketball players overseas is generally between $65,000 and $100,000, with top leagues offering even more. Many international teams also provide a car and apartment for their players, free of cost.