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Individuals without health insurance who are in need of emergency dental care can check various dental care resources provided by state and local governments. If there is a dental school in the area, it may be possible to receive emergency care at greatly reduced rates. Some charity organizations, s


It is difficult to compare life insurance and dental insurance because they are two different types of insurance that have different goals. Dental insurance is designed to provide customers with coverage for dental care, such as routine cleanings and major dental work, as reported by Bankrate. Life


As of 2015, the best dental plans for seniors include Delta Dental, Guardian, Ameritas and Metlife. These dental providers were ranked based on annual maximums, the number of dental providers in the network, premiums, savings and covered treatments.


The top three dental insurance plans are Delta Dental, Renaissance Dental and Guardian, according to Consumer Advocate. Dental plans catering to seniors are very limited, but there are options available. Standard Medicare plans do not include dental insurance.


Full coverage dental insurance typically covers diagnostic and preventative services, basic services, such as fillings, and major services, such as crowns. Not all dental insurance providers offer full coverage, but any dental insurance can offer savings.


Individuals paid an average of $31.83 per month for dental plans in 2014 when purchased through a government exchange, notes AARP. Individual dental insurance ranged from $19 to $35 per month in 2014 under an employer-sponsored plan, according to the National Association of Dental Plans.


As of 2015, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield and Delta Dental both offer dental plans in Virginia, according to the companies' websites. Both companies offer a variety of plans for individuals and families.


To get dental insurance, Medicare participants must enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan that includes dental coverage. Traditional Medicare Parts A and B exclude dental services unless they are a crucial part of a covered procedure.


Most dental plans cover some or all of an extraction. Many will cover from 70 to 80 percent of the procedure as long as it is categorized as a basic dental service.


The latest version of the American Dental Association's official "CDT 2015: Dental Procedure Codes" manual is available in hardback, eBook and CD-ROM formats and can be purchased online at the ADA store. Check with local libraries or dental schools to determine whether the manual is available for pu