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Define Berlin airlift. Berlin airlift synonyms, Berlin airlift pronunciation, Berlin airlift translation, English dictionary definition of Berlin airlift. Noun 1. Berlin airlift - airlift in 1948 that supplied food and fuel to citizens of west Berlin when the Russians closed off land access to Berlin


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Berlin Airlift Monument in Berlin-Tempelhof with inscription "They gave their lives for the freedom of Berlin in service of the Berlin Airlift 1948/49" On 15 April 1949, the Soviet news agency TASS reported a willingness by the Soviets to lift the blockade.


The Berlin airlift was supposed to be a short-term measure, but it settled in for the long haul as the Soviets refused to lift the blockade. For more than a year, hundreds of American, British and ...


Berlin Blockade . \nThe Berlin Blockade (Airlift) lasted from June 1948 till May 1949. After the end of the blockade the allies continued to airlift essentials into West Berlin to order to have a ...


The Berlin Airlift is considered one of the biggest aviation feats of all time. We'll look at its historical background, its impact, and consider some facts of the Airlift.


The Berlin Airlift could be called the first battle of the Cold War. It was when western countries delivered much needed food and supplies to the city of Berlin through the air because all other routes were blocked by the Soviet Union. At the end of World War II the country of Germany was divided by ...


Despite dire shortages of fuel and electricity, the airlift kept life going in West Berlin for 11 months, until on May 12, 1949, the Soviet Union lifted the blockade. The airlift continued until September 30, at a total cost of $224 million and after delivery of 2,323,738 tons of food, fuel ...


Define airlift. airlift synonyms, airlift pronunciation, airlift translation, English dictionary definition of airlift. n. 1. A system of transporting troops, civilian passengers, or supplies by air, as in an emergency or when surface routes are blocked. 2. A flight...


Airlift definition, a system for transporting persons or cargo by aircraft, especially in an emergency. See more. ... “Air refueling and airlift assets were the literal pinch I am describing here,” the official said. ... The Soviet effort to capture Berlin by blockade was thwarted by the courageous Allied airlift.