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The Berkshire Museum's $60 million plan for its future, largely supported by the sale of well-known works from its permanent collection, has been central to a firestorm that swept the art world and set off a legal war.


The Berkshire Museum in Massachusetts sparked a debate when it announced last year plans to sell 40 pieces by artists like Norman Rockwell and use the proceeds to for an expansion initiative.


Art and Law Berkshire Museum Auction at Sotheby’s on Hold After Last-Ditch Effort by Massachusetts Attorney General. A judge agreed to step in and block the sale—at least until December 11.


“The sale of art by the Berkshire Museum was permitted in the state of Massachusetts in defiance of accepted professional practices and this loss attributed to the lack of legal clarity. Massachusetts has set a new precedent allowing the Berkshire Museum to sell art given to the public due to a loophole in legal protections.


The art was removed from the museum before the sale was announced, and museum officials initially refused to name the works that were to be sold. The estimated proceeds from the sale would be $50 million. The art sale created considerable controversy not only among the residents of Berkshire County, but within the larger art world.


Creating a New Vision to Serve the Community. For more than a century, the Berkshire Museum has been an important part of this community. Founder Zenas Crane wanted to provide a “window on the world” to the people of the Berkshires, and the Museum has stayed true to Crane’s vision of service ever since.


Maura Healey calls for delay of Berkshire Museum art sale. By Malcolm Gay Globe Staff, October 30, 2017, 8:50 p.m. The Berkshire Museum in Pittsfield says that it planned to sell 40 works of art ...


The Berkshire Museum in Pittsfield as seen in 2013. (Berkshire Museum/Wikimedia Commons) A cash-strapped Massachusetts museum can sell dozens of pieces of art, including works by Norman Rockwell ...


Court Blocks Berkshire Museum’s Sale of Rockwell Works and Other Art Image “Shuffleton’s Barbershop” by Norman Rockwell was set to be sold by the Berkshire Museum on Monday at an auction ...


Now, however, there is real hope that the Berkshire Museum’s treasures will not be sold off, and that the star lot of Sotheby’s American Art sale on November 13, “ Shuffleton’s Barbershop ...