"Beowulf" is a poem that describes events that happen to Danish King Hrothgar and his great hall, Heorot. King Hrothgar and his people are plagued by Grendel, a monster who attacks Heorot every night to pillage and kill ... More »

Beowulf is a poem written by an unknown Anglo-Saxon poet around 700 A.D., and it follows the story of a warrior named Beowulf who travels to Denmark with a small group of men to fight a "demon" named Grendel. Grendel att... More »

Themes that are present in "Beowulf" include loyalty, reputation, generosity, hospitality, envy, revenge, the search for identity, the difference between good warriors and good kings, fame, pride, Christianity and Pagani... More »

The epic poem "Beowulf" follows the titular hero on his quest as he saves King Hrothgar's mead hall from the beast Grendel, defeats Grendel's mother, reigns as king and eventually dies gloriously in battle with a dragon.... More »

In the poem "Beowulf," Grendel's mother is described as a female monster and sea hag. She generally lacks humanity, but she does seek revenge for her son's death, which can be viewed as a distinctly human quality. More »

Beowulf, the main character in the epic poem of the same name, is often considered brave because of his pursuit of battles against supernatural beasts. This includes his battle with the monster Grendel, Grendel’s mother ... More »

The story of "Beowulf" is a tale of a Scandinavian warrior, Beowulf, who offers to eliminate the monster Grendel as payback for a favor the Danish King once did for Beowulf's father. Grendel has been terrorizing a Danish... More »