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As the result of extensive testing, Benjamin Moore nylon/polyester professional paintbrushes are custom-blended to deliver the highest levels of performance with Benjamin Moore paints. They have just-right flex and taper for even coverage. Exceptional paint capacity provides the fastest results.


Made with chemically tipped filaments, Benjamin Moore 100% polyester professional paintbrushes virtually eliminate brushmarks. They provide superior smoothness and excellent paint capacity for the highest levels of performance with all Benjamin Moore paints.


Finish matters, too! If you’re a little hazy on what “finish” actually means, it’s basically the paint’s gloss level (or amount of light reflection). So, glossy and shiny paint like Benjamin Moore’s high-gloss or semi-gloss paint reflect more light than their matte counterparts like Benjamin Moore’s flat and eggshell.


For kitchens, laundry rooms, or bathrooms, many people like to use a higher gloss finish. Today, many super-premium products, such as Benjamin Moore's Aura® paint, offer the same durability and washability in all sheens, so the selection of the finish is more of a personal preference.


For tips on making the most of your Benjamin Moore Regal Select paint, visit our online library and learn how to paint your space quickly and efficiently – and with lasting results. Regal Paint is available in five finishes, including flat, eggshell, pearl, matte and semi-gloss, as well as a full spectrum of colors.


Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec 500 Interior Paint - Eggshell Finish (Gallon, White) - - Amazon.com


Benjamin Moore New Aura Paint Eggshell Finish Gallon. This new paint uses revolutionary new color science technology to offer features and benefits previously unavailable in paint. This new paint offers guaranteed two-coat coverage with any color over even an unprimed new sheetrock wall.


When Aura claimed to be self priming, some of us took notice. In the past Benjamin Moore stayed away from gimmicky claims so what was that about? From their website: “Aura® Eggshell Finish is self priming on most surfaces. Aura® will act as its own primer, providing the optimal foundation for the subsequent finish coat.


The extreme hide of the Aura Waterborne Interior Paint Eggshell Finish means you will never need to use more than two coats of any colour. Thanks to Benjamin Moore’s Color Lock® technology, this self-priming eggshell finish is easy to apply, has a long lasting and fresh appearance, and no colour rub-off.


Need Help Selecting a Sheen? What is Sheen? After you have your perfect product you will need to choose the perfect sheen. Sheen refers to the how shiny the finish will look. When deciding on sheen you will want to consider whether that area is high/low traffic and the condition of the wall. Flat/Matte