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To find stores that sell Benjamin Moore paint, a customer enters a ZIP code into the Benjamin Moore Store Locator on its website. Search results are sortable by Benjamin Moore brands and services.


Some benefits of Benjamin Moore's cabinet paint, particularly the company's trademarked Advance Waterborne Interior Alkyd family of paint products, include a durable finish, easy application, minimal odor and low volatile organic compounds content, notes BenjaminMoore.com. Additionally, users are gu


Get coupons for Benjamin Moore paint by going to the websites RetailMeNot.com, GoodSearch.com and PromoPro.com. Another option is to register with Benjamin Moore on the company's website to receive offers and promotions.


The Benjamin Moore color chart refers to the gallery available from Benjamin Moore showing its entire line of paint colors. Customers use the color gallery to explore differences in similar colors, to see the contrast between colors, and to find shades that work well together located in a single pla


To easily paint a ceiling, remove all items in the room, use painter's tape to achieve a neat paint job and choose the appropriate ceiling paint. Additionally, prepare the necessary tools, including a trim brush, stepladder and a roller with an extension pole.


Applying masking tape around the perimeter of a ceiling while painting prevents a sloppy edge between the walls and ceiling. Use a long-handled paint roller to easily reach all areas of the sealing. Holding the roller at an angle prevents paint from dripping onto your head and clothing.


An effective way to choose a stain color is to apply the desired stain to a 1-foot section of the wood in an inconspicuous area. Allow the stain to dry to determine whether the color is right for the wood. To hide the color or grain of the wood, choose a solid colored stain, or use a transparent sta


The best ceiling paints are Valspar Color Changing Ceiling Paint, Rust-Oleum Zinsser Ceiling Paint and Benjamin Moore Waterborne Ceiling Paint, according to Bestcovery.com. Pratt & Lambert Pro-Hide Silver Interior Latex Ceiling Paint is also one of the best.


Benjamin Moore does not sell wallpaper, but paint samples from the company are available for viewing from Benjamin Moore retailers or online. Customers can also order a 1-pint sample from Benjamin Moore for $6.99, as of 2016.


The most important materials needed to paint a ceiling are drop cloths, a stepladder, a screwdiver, safety goggles and an old hat. The other materials needed are necessary for any painting project: a paint tray, a roller cage and cover, an extension handle, painter's tape and rags.