The major benefits of quantitative research include objectivity in analyzing a situation, use of statistics to understand a multitude of parameters, fast data collection and analysis and assurance when making future plan... More » Education Writing Academic Essays

Quantitative data is any kind of data that can be measured numerically. For example, quantitative data is used to measure things precisely, such as the temperature, the amount of people in a crowd or the height of a stru... More »

Qualitative data is data that is not numerical, such as colors, smells or tastes. Quantitative data is measurable with numbers, like height and weight. Objects can have both quantitative and qualitative data. More » Math Statistics

Computer usage in microbiology includes use in laboratory testing, analysis and reporting, accumulating and storing data, and in conducting research and testing. Computers also play a vital role in sharing information, i... More »

To write a report, detail the purpose of the report, write a complete record of the events or the problem, include an evaluation or analysis of the facts or research and discuss the potential solutions or outcomes. The r... More »

To write a critical analysis of a speech, obtain a copy of the speech, research the issues addressed in the speech and gain biographical and other background information about the speaker. Write a summary of your conclus... More »

To write the methodology section of your dissertation, include five major sections: philosophy; approach; strategy and research design; data collection and analysis; and ethics, reliability, validity, generalizability an... More »