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The iPad is a line of tablet computers designed and made by Apple, Inc. Tablet computers are portable computers with large displays that can be manipulated using touchscreen input. As of 2014, there are four iPad models on the market: iPad with Retina display, iPad mini...


The benefits of jailbreaking an iPhone include increased customization, tethering, unauthorized app use, improving Siri and the ability to change default apps. The primary benefit of jailbreaking an iPhone is the ability to personalize the device and make distinct custo...


The iPad is a tablet designed for browsing the Web, playing multimedia files and creating new content. Because of its size and weight, the iPad is useful as a portable computer and gaming device. Applications from the Apple App Store introduce additional functionality t...


Update an iPad over the air via Wi-Fi or by connecting to a computer and using iTunes. You need an Internet connection and enough free space on the iPad to begin.


The iPad Air is the fifth-generation iPad. The device offers an upgrade to the iPad 4. The iPad Air is two times faster than its predecessor and uses a 64-bit A7 processor. The iPad Air also introduces iPad users to the M7 motion coprocessor and MIMO Wi-Fi support.


Steve Jobs gets credit for inventing the iPad, but the idea goes back to 1987. The vision for this device occurred when Jobs was not a part of the company.


An iPad or any Apple product can get a virus, although viruses for these products are rarer than viruses for Windows systems. The first virus for the iPad was reported in April 2010 and was designed to erase files and damage data.