Ecotourism is a form of tourism where people visit areas of ecological significance, usually with a focus on education and sustainable practices. Attractions may include rare or endangered wildlife, rare plants or unique... More » Geography

To save the panda from extinction, the rich biodiversity such as plants, landscapes and other animals that surround the pandas must also be preserved, as it is necessary for their survival. The removal of any species has... More »

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The word hedonism refers to a group of theories that focus on what is good for people, how they ought to act and what motivates people to perform certain actions. These theories have in common their identification of pai... More » Education

La Luz Del Mundo is an international church based in Guadalajara, Mexico that practices a form of restorationist Pentecostalism with some unique beliefs and practices. The church is the second largest in Mexico and has m... More » Geography

There are several definitions of adult education, but one refers to the learning undertaken by people who return to learning as adults, after completing some form of education in their youth. Adult education is not neces... More » Education

Indonesian is a standardized form of Malay spoken by about 30 million people as a native language and by about 140 million as a second language. Since there are many different languages spoken in Indonesia, Indonesian is... More » Education