Tangible benefits of beauty pageants include the opportunity to win college scholarship money and build networking connections. In addition, many pageant participants point to other, intangible benefits. More »

The beauty benefits of avocado oil are increased collagen production, improved skin moisturization and better scalp health. Avocado oil also helps treat some skin diseases. More »

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Olive oil offers antioxidant protection, doesn't clog pores and enhances exfoliation. Olive oil, which is rich in natural fatty acids and vitamins, has beauty uses for hair, skin and nails. More »

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Exposing a girl to the scrutiny of beauty pageants can create an imbalance of values and leave her believing that looks are more important than inner character development, according to Laura Agadoni from Global Post. Be... More »

Corporations, local businesses and charities sponsor beauty pageants. The type of beauty pageant dictates the variety of sponsorship, with smaller pageants having a higher degree of local business participation. More »

Some well-known bikini contests are the Miss USA and Miss Universe beauty pageants, and the Miss Hooters International pageant. The Miss USA and Miss Universe contests feature swimsuit competitions which are major highli... More »

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The disadvantages of beauty pageants are most dangerous for children, as taking part in these contests often drains their families financially and teaches participants that self-value comes from outward appearance. The l... More »