The benefits of an absolute monarchy include the ability to raise people to rule, provide stable leadership, create swift change and the inability of the leader to blame others for his or her ruling. In the modern world ... More » History Modern History

The disadvantages of an absolute monarchy are many and include the absence of democratic processes, the monarch's lack of accountability, the difficulty in changing internal aspects of the government and the excess of fa... More »

Absolute monarchy is an archaic form of rule that has many pros and cons. In an absolute monarchy, the king or queen has total power. The government, if one exists, has no real influence and merely advises the monarch an... More »

A leader must be a visionary with the ability to influence others to pursue a given course. Qualities such as intelligence, determination, motivation, self-awareness and good communication skills are also important. More »

Winston Churchill was widely regarded as a strong, capable leader in large part owing to his ability to inspire others, as well as his gift as an orator and his sustained courage and insight into military and political s... More »

Notable events that occurred in 1976 include the United States celebrating its 200th birthday, the first commercial Concord completing a trans-Atlantic flight and the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in the case of Gregg v. Geo... More » History Modern History

According to the British Library, the storming of the Bastille on July 14, 1789 occurred as a result of the anger of Parisian citizens, who saw the prison fortress as the symbol of an oppressive monarchy. The crowd also ... More »