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Population growth poses many benefits and challenges. It can boost business and economies while leading to an increase in innovation. It can also threaten finite resources like water, property and food. The United Nations estimates that the world's population will grow to 9.7 billion by 2050. But by


Card sharing is a cheap way to subscribe to multiple pay to watch television channels across multiple televisions while paying less. It is possible to have the account of the card sharer frozen, which results in all of the televisions receiving no service. Any user with a satellite box can participa


Benefits of foreign aid include that recipient countries typically use the aid to fund development projects, such as infrastructure and education programs. Drawbacks of foreign aid include that it increases a developing country's dependency on donor funds and that it may be used by corrupt governmen


Bovine artificial insemination school, or AI school, teaches students how to properly perform bovine artificial insemination on their herds. AI involves impregnating female cows artificially using frozen semen and is used to help strengthen the genetics of a herd and increase the number of cattle on


Geothermal energy has several benefits including being environmentally friendly, reliable, being visually attractive and sustainable. While geothermal energy has many benefits, there are several drawbacks to it including cost to initiate and availability.


Some benefits of iron entrance doors are durability, security and beauty, while the main drawback is price. Another drawback is that these doors are difficult to transport and install as they are quite heavy.


There is a conflict between the subjective aesthetic benefits of ear cropping American pitbulls and other dog breeds and sentiments that the optional surgery inflicts unnecessary pain on the animal, according to PetMD. Opponents do not feel that upholding breed tradition vindicates what they conside


Drawbacks of purchasing a water-damaged vehicle include voiding of the manufacturer's warranty; the possibility of mold, rust and corrosion developing; potential electrical problems; and no resale value. Manufacturers do not honor vehicle warranties when the vehicles suffer flooding or an environmen


The benefits of using heat tapes on gutters is that they keep the gutters above freezing temperatures, and they prevent ice and snow build-up. The main disadvantages are that the heat tapes require a significant amount of power, and they may create a fire hazard when the insulation breaks.


A drawback of joint bank accounts is that one co-owner has the right to spend or transfer money without the other co-owner's knowledge or consent. Also, both co-owners are held accountable if one overdraws the account, according to Bankrate.