A man's belt is first placed through the loops on the left side of his pants. Therefore, before the belt is done up, the buckle is on the left and the open end is on the right. After the buckle is cinched, the unsecured ... More »

Traditionally, women's buttonholes are on the right side of their clothing, while men's buttonholes are on the left side. The most generally accepted reason for this difference dates back to the days when women of leisur... More »

Natives of the Republic of Panama see dressing well as a sign of respect, so men typically wear long pants or jeans and a collared shirt, while women often wear sundresses or pants and a trendy blouse. Notably, it is ill... More »

The correct way to wear suspenders is to wear them with any trousers, including those with belt loops, by attaching the back of the suspenders, putting on the pants and connecting the front of the suspenders with either ... More »

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Valet stands are primarily used to hang a man's suit jacket, shirt, pants, belt and necktie. Many valet stands provide spots to place everyday necessities such as jewelry, wallet and glasses. These pieces of clothing may... More »

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Business casual attire falls just short of business suits and usually includes button-down shirts, blouses, leather shoes and belts, skirts, and slacks. Dark, neutral and conservative fabrics are ideal. Athletic, disheve... More »

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Men’s business casual attire generally includes khaki or dark pants, cardigans or jackets, button-down shirts and accessories. The attire is not synonymous with looking unkempt, but it does offer some leeway with pattern... More »

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