Uranium belongs to the group Actinides. This group is one of the families that are called rare earth metals. All of the elements in this group need special handling due to being either unstable or radioactive. More »

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Legumes are found in two food groups according to the USDA: the vegetable group and the meat and beans group. Legumes are the seedpod (or fruit) of various beans and peas, the most popular being peanuts, alfalfa and aspa... More »

Fluorine belongs to group number 17, which is the halogen family of elements that also includes astatine, iodine, bromine and chlorine. The element fluorine is a highly reactive gas at room temperature that is not found ... More »

Gold belongs to Group 11, which does not have a family name but is part of the larger group known as the transition metals. Gold is considered a coinage metal, along with silver and copper, because it was often used in t... More »

COR-TEN steel, sometimes written as "Corten steel," is the registered trademark of a group of weathering steel alloys, all of which feature an outer layer that naturally rusts and protects the core from corrosion. The me... More »

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Although hydrogen is normally listed at the top of Group I, the alkaline metals, on the periodic table, there is much debate as to which group it should belong. Many chemists believe hydrogen doesn't belong in any group ... More »

Arsenic belongs to group 15, which is called the nitrogen family. This family of elements also includes nitrogen, phosphorus, antimony and bismuth. All elements in this family have the same electron configuration in thei... More »