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There are days in everyone’s life when having one of these 16 good believable excuses for missing work can be a godsend. Ron Kline is a 71-year-old plumber from Ohio. For the last 50 years, he ...


Have ever missed work and wondered the kind of excuse you will give to satisfy your boss? This is one of the trickiest situations because the best excuse is not always the truth. You can give an excuse for missing work that is close to reality to make your employer satisfied. Below is a list […]


THE GOOD AND COMMON EXCUSES FOR MISSING WORK. Excuses are always, well, excuses but it doesn’t mean they are inherently bad. There are good reasons for skipping work and they aren’t always down to you being mischievous.


Need a day off? Here's a list of the best excuses to get out of work—including believable excuses to miss work, ridiculous reasons to stay home and funny justifications for taking the day off. Hey, sometimes we all need to take a sick day, or take a "sick day" but we don't know ...


Do you need some believable excuses to get out of work today? With the weather getting better and better, all I can think these days is how great it could be to get out of work early ... 🙏 And since I've been fantasizing about it quite a bit lately, I made a whole list of 44 of the most ...


Here are the top 10 most believable excuses for missing work: Excuse #1: Sickness or Going for a Doctor’s Appointment. Sickness is one of the most believable excuses for missing work. According to a recent career builder survey, 40% of workers have taken sick days during the last 12 months.


What excuses have you used to skip work? Tell us in the comments section below, and don’t forget to share this article with family and friends who might be looking for a good excuse to get out of work today! This article is an updated version of an earlier article originally published on 14 April 2016.


Therefore, you should use one of these excuses only if you are sure that they won’t get you in trouble. Choose Believable Reasons to Miss Work. The most important rule you need to remember if you want to get away with using a fake doctor note to miss work is to choose an excuse that will be believed.


Excuses for missing work come in all shapes and sizes – some are excellent reasons, some not-so-much, and some outright terrible. The best excuses for missing work are those that have some honesty in them and which are believable. Here’s a quick list of good excuses for missing work. 1. You’re sick


Work Excuses If you're looking for some original work excuses, you have to come up with an ingenious plan and make it sound completely believable. Some lucky souls can get away with this, whereas most cannot.