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Continued Too Sick to Work: Colds and Flu. You wake up with a scratchy throat, followed shortly by sneezing, a runny nose, and coughing.It could be the common cold, which is most contagious during ...


Tips: Sick Employees at Work. Jan 10, 2008; As flu season gets under way, employers are gearing up for more sick employees dragging themselves -- and their germs -- in to work.


First off, "Working while ill can compound the effects of the initial illness and result in negative job attitudes and withdrawal from work." Furthermore, being sick and staying on the job will ...


5 Signs You're Too Sick for Work. Calling the boss for a sick day is never fun, but there are times when you're simply too sick to work. By. Madeline R. Vann, MPH.


Am I still entitled to receive statutory sick pay on a phased return to work? Yes, you should receive SSP for the days that you are sick in the normal way. Any day for which SSP is paid will count towards your maximum entitlement of 28 weeks. Can I carry out other work (if I have 2 jobs) whilst I am supposed to be on sick leave?


You being sick can also be one reason for your employer to fire you unless you are a member of a union and have signed a contract with them. You’re calling in sick to work the wrong way: There are some mistakes that you should avoid while calling out being sick at work. Call your employer as soon as you can. Never try to fake.


Do you go to work sick, or stay home to get better while your workload piles up? Granted, not everybody has a choice. Depending on your situation, you may not have the luxury of calling in sick. But for those of you who are lucky enough to have sick days at your disposal, it can help to put yourself in your co-worker's (healthy) shoes. Check out our video to help you decide whether to go to .....


How to Fake Symptoms of Being Sick. Trying to avoid school or work? Need to throw your significant other off so that you can throw a huge surprise party or dinner? Playing a sick character in a play? Just feel lazy and want to rest for the day? Knowing how to fake an illness can come in handy. Decide what illness you...


Long-term sickness. Employees who are off work sick for more than 4 weeks may be considered long-term sick. A long-term sick employee is still entitled to annual leave.


Punished for Puking: Bad Attendance Policies. ... but he is protesting that we are not allowed to send him home early for being sick when he is willing to work and to give him a point at the same ...