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Some tips for writing a good journalism article are to tell a story rather than recite facts, appeal to the interests of the intended audience, grab the reader's interest at the beginning and engage the reader's emotions to keep him reading. Other effective writing practices are to use simple words,


Behavioral management theory studies how productivity in business or similar applications can be managed by concentrating on the motivations of the workforce. This includes analyzing employees' expectations, group dynamics and teamwork, conflict resolution and personal interests. Behavioral manageme


Some examples of learned behavior are a dog that is taught to roll over or a recently hatched goose that imprints on something other than its mother. Learned behavior is shaped through experience, such as through the application of rewards, punishments or constant conditioning.


Teachers use journal articles on education to aid in professional development, obtain certification credits, conduct teacher research and reflect on their practice to improve student learning. Teachers must have certification, and part of that certification involves obtaining professional developmen


Popular general research databases include JSTOR.org and EBSCOhost.com. Both of these databases feature access to articles related to a broad range of subjects. Alternately, Westlaw.com and LexisNexis.com feature access to documents and journals specifically related to the legal field.


Citations for journal articles should include the author of the article, the title of the piece, the name of the journal in which the article was published, the date of publication and the pages on which the article appeared. Articles, such as reviews or editorials, should be noted as such.


Some online sources for full text journals, articles and scholarly content are the Directory of Open Access Journals, HighWire Press, PubMed Central, SAGE Journals and JSTOR. Scholarly content, articles and journals are useful for academic and research purposes.


Oxford University Press, Stanford University's HighWire and Truman State University Pickler Memorial Library's free database all offer scholarly journal articles for free. The journals cover a variety of topics, including microbiology, entomology, neurophsycopharmacology and cybersecurity. Pickler M


The website of the American Journal of Medicine, Amjmed.com, provides an extensive archive of articles dating back to its first issue in July 1946. The site allows users to browse by decade, volume and issue number.


The World Journal is a Chinese-language newspaper that is published in North America. It is aimed at the Chinese-speaking populations of the United States and Canada.