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Some meals a vegan might eat are green apple oatmeal for breakfast, white bean hummus and soup for lunch and chickpea ratatouille with brown rice for dinner. A vegan can also have cereal with soy or almond milk for breakfast, bean chili for lunch and polenta and vegetab...


Vegans eat an entirely plant-based diet, avoiding all animal products, including meat, dairy and eggs. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine recommends that vegans eat from four food groups: fruit, legumes, grains and vegetables.


The vegan lifestyle eschews the use of all animal products. A vegan diet is one that is entirely plant-based.


By definition, vegans refrain from using or consuming any animal products in their diet and daily life, which includes eggs. Vegans generally also eschew the consumption of other animal products such as milk, honey and gelatin.


According to WebMD, a good exercise program for beginners incorporates a blend of cardiovascular activity, strength conditioning and stretching. Cardiovascular activities, such as walking or jogging, are performed four to five times a week in 20-minute increments. Stren...


Vegan sugar does not contain animal ingredients. Commercially produced cane sugar is processed with bone char; this form of charcoal is produced from animal bones and is used as a purification filter for the sugar. Sugar processed with bone char is not vegan.


Meal planning can be defined as taking the time to plan nutritious meals and snacks for a specified time period. Once a meal plan is drawn up, corresponding ingredients can be purchased for the specified meals on the plan.