Beef broth is made by boiling meet in water and then reserving the flavored water after the meat is removed. Beef stock is made by boiling bones in water. More »

To make roasted bone marrow, bake 3-inch segments of beef bones for 15 minutes at 450 degrees Fahrenheit, spread the marrow on toast, and top the toast with parsley salad. To make bone broth, boil the bone segments in wa... More » Food Cooking

There are a few available substitutes for condensed beef broth, but the closest is 1 1/2 cups of regular strength beef broth simmered until it reduces to 1 cup of broth. Other substitutions include beef bouillon, vegetab... More »

Beef broth and consomme are both made from the water left behind after boiling beef, but consomme is clarified, usually by adding egg white. Consomme is typically concentrated by simmering to intensify the flavor. Broth ... More »

Condensed beef broth is regular-strength broth that is simmered or boiled to evaporate certain components, such as water, and develop a more concentrated beef flavor. It takes approximately 1.5 cups of regular-strength b... More »

One use of Kombu Seaweed is a base for broth or stock in soups, especially Dashi, an essential ingredient in Japanese Cuisine. Another use of Kombu Seaweed is to help soften beans, making them easier to digest by making ... More » Food Food Facts

Beef ham is a type of meat that is created by using high quality cuts of beef. Beef ham is shaped like a traditional ham, but healthier than pork. More »