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A worksheet is an instructional tool that allows a learner to put concepts and ideas into practice. A worksheet may be used to help a student practice a mathematical process, connect ideas, review key points from a reading and more.


School worksheets are educational tools that allow a student to practice the different concepts of various subjects. School worksheets are also an excellent resource for teachers and parents to give a student in order to gauge how well the student understands a particular subject.


Super Teacher Worksheets is a website that offers a large number of student worksheets and learning resources, including math worksheets, spelling lists, science activities, grammar worksheets and reading comprehension passages. The website also features holiday printables, handwriting practice work


Free Spanish worksheets are available online from dozens of websites, including Spanish4Teachers.org and Spanish-for-You.net. Spanish worksheets vary by both level of learning and intended audience.


Bees are very important because they are the leading pollinators in the world. Humans depend on pollinators to help produce food crops. These pollinated crops contribute to one-third of the world’s food supply, according to Nature.com.


Math-Aids worksheets are free worksheets created by the worksheet generators at Math-Aids.com. Teachers, parents and students can download and print customized worksheets in more than 90 distinct topic-areas, including primary math skills, middle school concepts and high school math courses.


Biology worksheets are available on HelpTeaching.com and KidsKnowIt.com, as of 2015. Both websites allow visitors to download biology worksheets in PDF format for free. Worksheets on HelpTeaching.com are organized by grade bands.


Mad minute worksheets are teaching tools used to help students improve their basic math skills. Students work on their speed and accuracy by solving as many problems as they can within a short time frame, usually between 1 and 3 minutes.


Honeybee, bumblebee, leafcutter, digger, mining and sweat are some of the different types of bees. There are many different species of bee within each type. Some species of honeybee include European, Indian, Koschevnikov's honeybee and the giant honeybee.


The SMART Goals acronym establishes specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound elements that the SMART Goals worksheet incorporates and develops, say Bright Hub Project Management and the Houston Chronicle. The worksheet's first page needs two columns in which to list the elements and