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The ultimate Bedding Sizes and Measurements Guide from Macy's.com. Use these charts to find your perfect fit!


Standard bed sizes are based on standard mattress sizes, which vary from country to country.Bed sizes also vary according to the size and degree of ornamentation of the bed frame.Dimensions and names vary considerably around the world, with most countries having their own standards and terminology. In addition, two mattresses with the same nominal size may still have slightly different ...


Bedding Size Chart For Home and Dorm Comforters, Duvets, and Sheets. Everything You Need to Know About Buying Bedding for Dorm or Home.


Bed Linen Size Charts. These size charts have been designed to ensure the bed linen you are purchasing is the right size for your bed. Whether it's a single, double, king, super king, emperor (or you can't remember) - all you need is a tape measure.


Please check the mattress size chart below for the most common measurements and their names: Size Names and Their Dimensions Twin: 38″ wide x 74″ long. Unlike the name might suggest, oddly enough the Twin size is actually enough for one person and is often referred to as a Single (in the UK).


Whatever your personal style, creating your unique sanctuary starts with the centerpiece of your room - your BED! Love the sleek look of hotel linens? The luxury of a supple down comforter? Check out our step-by step bedding guide and bedding size chart to create your personal oasis...


Bedding sizes. Bedding sizes usually are made with the dimensions of the bed and mattress for which it is to be used in mind. Bed sizes vary considerably around the world, with most countries having their own standards and terminology. Furthermore, mattresses within a particular nation may have different thicknesses, and bedding may be sized ...


Full-size mattress measures 54’ width x 75” in length, and these are also commonly referred to as “standard double.”Sufficient for adults that need more room than what a Twin can offer. If you are in a relationship, this may not be the best choice for you, as the fit will be exceedingly tight.

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Twin-size fitted-sheet pocket depth is typically around 8 inches and is designed to fit a standard mattress depth of approximately 7 inches. Most stretch to accommodate an array of mattress depths, but if you have a special mattress or something extra thick, you may want to check the pocket depth of your sheeting to ensure a good fit.