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10 Tips For First-Time Supervisors At one of my training sessions recently, we had a discussion about being a first-time supervisor. While the group had a tremendous amount of management experience, everyone recognized how hard it can be in that very first supervisory role.


The first time you become a manager, it can be both a positive and overwhelming experience. To help first-time managers start strong, here are a few tips to keep in mind on day one.


Being promoted to your first management position is exciting--but it can be difficult. The transition from employee to first-time manager (FTM) is riddled with challenges, everything from ...


How to Interview for a First Time Supervisor Position. Interviewing for a supervisor position for the first time can be intimidating, simply because you're trying to sell yourself as an effective manager despite having no previous experience in the role. Be confident and outgoing during the interview. Your goal ...


It’s as simple as: No one wants to work for a tyrant. That’s why it’s important for first-time supervisors (and experienced ones as well) to solicit feedback, be inclusive and take things one step at a time. 2. Encourage them to be an even-handed leader. New supervisors must shift from being a team member to being a leader.


Management Skills for First-Time Supervisors. Being promoted to a supervisor for the first time is a career-defining move. Making the transition from employee to supervisor elevates you above the people who were your peers. It is a move that creates opportunities but also carries risks. Be proactive and have your ...


The pressure of being a first time manager can cause a lot of first timers to live and die by their team’s wins and losses. But that can be draining – and ultimately untenable. Business is also kind of like baseball. (Forgive the mixed sports metaphors.) The baseball season is a slog. Even the best teams lose a lot – around 40% of the time.


7 Mistakes Most First-Time Managers Make at Least Once. by. Avery Augustine. Becoming a manager for the first time is incredibly exciting—but extremely overwhelming. In your hands, you now have the power to effect change, make an impact, and guide the employees on your team to bigger and better things.


If the experience of first-time supervision is successful -- it's challenging, but fulfilling -- the supervisor goes on to become a progressive, supportive manager. Return to Basic Overview of Supervision. Learn More in the Library's Blogs Related to this Topic


But becoming a manager for the first time — whether you are responsible for one person or a whole team — is a big change, and there are some things you might not have considered. Here’s what no one tells you about going from employee to management. 1. You will have to make tough calls. Sometimes, being a manager is hard.