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Nannies require no formal training for their profession, but an interested person may become a Certified Professional Nanny through one of the nanny schools that have been approved by the American Council of Nanny Schools, according to Care.com. These schools include th...


Although no standardized process exists to become certified as a professional nanny, many people attend specialized schools that instruct nannies in subjects such as CPR and first aid, nutrition, safety and child development, according to Baby Center. One such school is...


To find a good nanny, think about your priorities, do your research, conduct interviews and check references. Finally, do a trial run with the short-listed candidates.


The English Nanny & Governess School trains students to be certified nannies, and the American Nanny and Parenting Institute is another school where students earn certification as a nanny. The curricula at these schools cover areas such as child development, health and ...


Starting a nanny service requires looking into the legal process of running a business in your country or state and advertising to find nannies to work for you as well as parents who need childcare. This process may take several months.


There are many resources available to help you find a nanny position. You can reach out to a specific nanny agency, utilize online communities, search local newspapers, or simply spread awareness of your nannying skills by word of mouth.


Nanny jobs can be found through a nanny or childcare agency, in the newspaper or an online childcare website. Nannies are child caregivers who watch over children whenever parents unable to do so.