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The process of becoming a doctor consists of completing an undergraduate education and medical school. Upon graduation from medical school, newly minted medical doctors enter residency programs in which they work and train in their chosen specialties under the supervisi...


Typically, it takes at least 11 years after graduating from high school to become a doctor. Additional years of study are often needed when a doctor specializes.


It takes an individual at least 11 years after completing a high school education to become a doctor in the United States. These years are divided among undergraduate school, medical school, internships and fellowships.


People become doctors because they enjoy challenges, have an interest in science and the way the body works, and they enjoy learning. Doctors are also well paid, with most physicians and surgeons earning more than $187,200 yearly, which equates to around $90 per hour, a...


There is no career path linking the roles of nurse and doctor, or physician, so registered nurses are required to follow the traditional medical school route in order to qualify. While some nurses earn the title of "doctor" by gaining a doctorate in nursing, others may ...


Army doctors begin with the same medical training as any physician. They also receive additional training that is specific to the armed forces.


In order to become doctors, people must complete a graduate medical education through residency programs that are between three and seven years or longer, notes the American Medical Association. Aspiring doctors must complete undergraduate degrees and graduate from medi...