Although some churches allow people to become ordained ministers simply by filling out an online form, the general process for becoming ordained includes achieving a ministry or divinity degree, attending evaluations and... More » World View Religion

The traditional process of becoming an ordained minister for a particular religion requires obtaining a master's or bachelor's degree and completing any other requirements specific to the church or religion of choice, re... More »

To be an ordained Baptist minister, a person must first have a personal and committed relationship with the Lord Jesus. He must be in regular attendance at a local Baptist church, and must be involved with various minist... More »

If you meet the eligibility requirements for ordination as a minister in the county where you legally reside, a number of churches offer online certification as a minister. Universal Life Church, American Fellowship Chur... More » World View Religion

In general, jurisdictions that issue state ministers’ licenses require interested individuals to present proof of ordination, reports the Houston Chronicle. The Universal Life Church Ministries, the Open Ministry and the... More » World View Religion

The best way to ask a church for help is to approach the minister or other ministry leader directly. If he cannot help you directly, he should be able to direct you to an appropriate individual or agency within town who ... More » World View Religion

A pastor's days vary considerably and may include sermon preparation or deliverance, visiting with grieving families or church members who are in the hospital, training people for ministry, and community involvement. He ... More » World View Religion