Locate wholesale beauty supply distributors by searching on wholesale directory sites such as WholesaleCentral.com, reaching out to product manufacturers to inquire about local distributors, or speaking to other beauty s... More »

To become a beauty supply distributor, conduct market research, network with others in the business, obtain licensing and apply to be a distributor. Then, create a website, and market your business. More »

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Fun Express, Dollar Tree Direct and Kate Aspen are wholesale distributors of party supplies. Other distributors that sell party supplies include Factory Direct Crafts and Angels Greeting Cards. More »

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Find wholesale items to sell as retail at WholesaleCentral.com, an online wholesale directory providing a list of wholesale dealers including company names, locations, descriptions, and in some cases, website links. As o... More »

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A good way to find U.S.-based merchandise suppliers is by looking through an online wholesale directory, such as WholesaleCentral.com. The majority of the suppliers are based in the United States. More »

Among the primary OSHA requirements for Safety Data Sheets (SDS) is for chemical manufacturers, distributors and importers to provide the SDS in a uniform format and that the SDS be accessible to all employees. OSHA also... More »

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Find Ingersoll Rand distributors by using the dealer locator portal on the company's website, as of March 2015. Use three drop-down menus to select a country, product category, and sales or service department. Otherwise,... More »