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The Legend of How the Bear Lost His Tail. ... In the beginning, bear had a long, bushy tail of which he was quite proud. Bear loved to show off his tail to all the other animals, including fox. Now fox loved to play tricks, and one day decided to have some fun at bear’s expense.


Unlike many animals, bears do not have tails. In the place of a tail, a bear has a flap of skin on its backside. Millions of years ago, bears did have tails, and many scientists believe that the tails began reducing in size throughout time since they were not at all useful to the animal.


Not far from our home we came across this bear beside the road snooping around a farmer's corn field. We of course stopped and got out of the car for some photos. It was not until we downloaded our photos that my husband called me to show me this shot of the black bear from behind that revealed a long tail ! Impossible we declared !


Bear woke up with a start and pulled his long tail hard as he could. But his tail had been caught in the ice which had frozen over during the night and as he pulled, it broke off -- Whack! -- just like that. Bear turned around to look at the fish he had caught and instead saw his long lovely tail caught in the ice. "Ohhh," he moaned, "ohhh, Fox.


The kinkajou has a short-haired, fully prehensile tail (like some New World monkeys), which it uses as a "fifth hand" in climbing. It does not use its tail for grasping food. It can rotate its ankles and feet 180°, making it easy for the animal to run backward over tree limbs and climb down trees headfirst.


Bears are very curious of camera-traps and bear-induced damage to cameras is possible. ... long-tailed weasel and have a relatively shorter tail dark-tipped tail but like their long-tailed counterparts, they are brown in the summer and white in the winter. ... eMammal Animal Identification Guide ...


Looking like something Dr. Seuss might have dreamed up, a binturong has a face like a cat's and a body like a bear's, long, shaggy black hair, stiff white whiskers, and a prehensile tail that’s as long as its body. Binturongs are also called bearcats, but that name is rather misleading since these animals are not related to bears OR cats.


The body of the binturong is long and heavy, with short, stout legs. It has a thick fur of strong black hair. The bushy and prehensile tail is thick at the root, gradually diminishing in size to the extremity, where it curls inwards. The muzzle is short and pointed, somewhat turned up at the nose, and is covered with bristly hairs, brown at the points, which lengthen as they diverge, and form ...


The Fisher is brown or dark brown with black legs and tail. There is sometimes a cream patch on the chest. The feet have five toes with retractable claws. They are solitary animals and are active by day and night. Read more > Ermine (Mustela erminea) The Ermine is a kind of weasel with long slender body, short legs, long neck with triangular head.


Medium-sized with black fur and solid white back and tail; long pig-like snout. Habitat and Habits: Lives in semi-open prairies, thickets of shrubs or trees, mixed woods, rocky areas, and shrublands.