National Geographic provides information about black bears, including size, life expectancy, territory, reproduction and behavior. There is also an audio file that features sounds made by a black bear. More » Pets & Animals Mammals Bears

Polar bears live in the Arctic and are the largest meat-eating land animal. Polar bears eat mostly seals; they can smell a seal a mile away. More »

The first step in determining a Boyds Bear's value is to find out whether the bear is part of a limited run, or is no longer in production. As retired and limited edition bears are rarer, they are often worth more. Study... More »

Adult male black bears can weigh between 150 and 600 pounds, and adult females usually weigh between 90 and 300 pounds. Newborn cubs weigh about 8 to 12 ounces. More »

Some grizzly bears and black bears are able to climb trees. Because of this, it is not wise for someone trying to escape from a bear to climb a tree. More »

Many black bears and grizzly bears can climb trees, especially if they see a person climbing a tree to get away from them. The most common bears that climb trees are female bears who think humans are a threat to their yo... More »

Spirit bears, which are North American black bears with recessive genes that turn some bears white, eat mainly vegetation such as grasses, fruit, berries and nuts, as well as the shoots and buds from trees and other plan... More »