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This article lists the sizes, shapes, and general characteristics of some common primary and secondary battery types in household and light industrial use.. Historically the term "battery" referred to a collection of electrochemical cells connected in series, however in modern times the term has come to refer to any collection of cells (or single cell) packaged in a container with extern...


The Watch Battery Cross Reference Table below gives all Watch Battery sizes and their equivalent replacement watch battery reference numbers as used by various different watch battery manufacturers. The Watch Battery Cross Reference table can be sorted by watch battery size, either by selecting the watch battery diameter, or the watch battery ...


Convert it! (Get great deals on watch batteries from Amazon here.. Below is a conversion chart, or cross reference guide for the most common watch battery types.Both regular (silver oxide and mercury) and lithium batteries too. Take your watch battery number, look it up on the chart to locate the conversion number.


The other models in your battery model's horizontal row are compatible with your battery. There are battery cross reference charts for all types of batteries, including watch batteries, standard batteries and automotive batteries. Batteries.com, BatteriesInAFlash.com and WatchBatteryCrossReference.com offer online reference charts.


Cross-Reference Battery Charts. Use these Cross Reference Guides to compare battery products with corresponding product numbers from various manufacturers. Our battery comparison charts allow you to find equivalent batteries in size, voltage, capacity and chemistry, as well as to see the difference between similar makes. Please click to view:


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Use this Cross Reference Guide to compare Duracell battery products with corresponding product numbers from other manufacturers. Battery Cross Reference Chart Download


Watch Battery Size Cross Reference / Equivalent Chart. The watch battery cross reference chart is easy to use. Find the brand of your battery, than follow it down your battery model. The equivalent battery will be at the beginning of that row. Click on the blue link to go to your battery options and purchase your replacement.


Button Battery Cross Reference Guide Model Recommended Dimensions Height Nominal Capacity Energizer Applications Diameter (mm) (mm) Voltage (V) (mAh) (Everready) Duracell Rayovac Renata Varta Seiko Citizen Timex New TEC Silver Oxide Battery Alkaline Battery Lithium Manganese High 11.6 5.4 1.55 165 SR44W 357 D357 357 357(7) V357(541) SB-B9 – J ...

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