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Our step through insert is the finishing touch for the tub to shower conversion which creates easy step through access. It is a cap that sits like a saddle over the portion of the tub cut out to create the walk through access.


The Easy Step Bathroom Safety Package begins with the installation of a Easy Step walk through bathtub cut out into your existing bathtub. The 24” wide by 9” deep tub cut converts your existing tub into a shower making it safer to step through instead of over the side of the tub.


Great explanation on the tub cut and how it is actually done and its benefits Great product for any one having a hard time getting in and out of the tub. Very simple solution with great benefits ...


If you're remodeling your bathroom, you may need to update your bathtub. Before you can install a new one, cut the fiberglass so you can more easily fit it into the available space. Here are some instructions for cutting a fiberglass bathtub safely. If you are working with fiberglass, you need to be ...


WE REQUIRE DRAWINGS AND OR CUT OUT OF TUB TO DO CUSTOMS, CALL FOR INFO ON HOW TO DO. IF YOU ORDER WRONG SIZE WE CAN FIX IT FOR AN ADDITIONAL FEE, BUT WE WILL NOT GIVE A REFUND. Inserts wider than 7 1/4" at any measurement is $25 additional charge, Deeper then 10" is additional $50 each inch.


This tub to shower conversion kit will allow a do it yourself installation to make a handicap accessible bathtub. Walk in bathtubs can be installed in a few hours at a fraction of the cost for a total tear out. Changing to a walk in shower can be done in any type of tub including acrylic, fiberglass, steel and cast iron.


A Step in Bath Cut out & Shower Conversion System makes your existing bath into a walk-in tub. This innovative bathtub cut out insert system from quick tub gives you both a step in shower and a full bathtub with a removable door. Convert almost any existing bathtub in as little as a few hours. Walk in Insert


Do it yourselfers Guide to an E\Z Step Tub to Shower Conversion Budget Cut This guide contains everything necessary to do your own Budget Cut Tub to Shower Conversion including the tools necessary for the installation, the best materials to use in the install and of course a step by step instruction manual along with photos of each step.


Self Installed Walk-In Tub Conversion Kit . A do-it-yourself installation of a bath conversion kit is actually fairly easy, provided you have the right tools. However, we recommend reviewing the list of items needed (found below) before making the decision to do a DIY install of an AmeriGlide conversion kit. The reason for this is that in some ...


Our favorite is Step thru Saddle, but here are a list of what others around the country are calling it: Step-thru or Step-through cutout, step over cutout, bathtub walk thru (walk through), bathtub conversion kit, walk in bathtub, DIY (do it yourself) kit, but It doesn't matter what you call it, what matters is that the product makes getting ...