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The smallest freestanding tub is 4 feet long, ideal for an adult of average height. Clawfoot tubs, such as the American Bath Factory Jester Claw Foot Bathtub, add a vintage touch to a bathroom. Pedestal tubs, such as the Pelion Acrylic Freestanding Tub, are suited for a modern look.


Most free clip art sources provide licensing information and terms of use that grant specific permissions and detail allowable uses for the available clip art. As of September 2015, websites like OpenClipArt.com and 4FreePhotos.com offer clip art that is free for private or commercial use.


Free clip art is created and made available through the Fotor.com website and the AngieMakes.com website. OpenClipArt.org users also create and distribute free clip art that users can browse, download and use.


Two popular websites for free clip art in 2015 are Clkr and Openclipart, both of which offer a library of images that can be used on websites and in documents. There are many other websites that offer free clip art images for personal and commercial use.


Free clip art allows users to add images to documents, presentations, websites or other projects to add visual interest or illustrate specific points without having to pay any up-front costs. Some free clip art is also royalty-free, meaning that the user is able to sell or distribute the project wit


Free clip art is available online at Openclipart and Clker.com. Both websites feature free-to-use clip art that is royalty free and in the public domain.


To make clip art, first find a photograph of the image you want to use. Open a blank document in Illustrator, and load your image. Choose the menu from the Layers Palette, and then choose Template. Create a new layer, and choose the Pen Tool from the toolbar. Trace the image's main features. Use col


It is possible to make clip art by using Photoshop, a digital photograph and a series of steps such as setting the color mode and creating new layers. Start the process by taking a digital photograph of the object to turn into clip art, and then upload it to Photoshop.


Outdoor Nativity Store, a retailer based in California with an extensive website, has a dedicated category for silhouette-style nativity scenes. Some are very basic and only include a few pieces, while others feature supplementary pieces, such as animals.


Removing a bathtub is a relatively simple task, but it will require some heavy lifting and manual labor. The task also requires the assistance of two or more individuals, especially for the part where the bathtub needs to be moved out of the bathroom. The tools that will be needed for this task incl