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Bathroom vanity lights supplement overhead lights and eliminate the shadows around the nose and chin. The lights are usually installed on either side of a mirror to create a more flattering lighting scheme and make it easier to apply makeup or groom the face evenly.


To install a bathroom vanity top, turn off the water source to the existing vanity sink, and disconnect the drain and water supply lines. Use a screwdriver to release the clips holding the existing vanity in place, and remove the vanity top. Set the new top into place, center and level it, and secur


Lowe's, Home Depot and Menards all have vanity tops for the bathroom, as of 2015. All three retailers allow customers to shop online, and then the vanity top ships to a local store for pickup.


Installing sinks and affixing mirrors to old pieces of furniture such as sideboards, freestanding cabinets, desks and dressers can turn them into bathroom vanities. Adding a stone slab top to furniture gives it a more traditional appearance.


An unfinished bathroom vanity is the unpainted or unstained wooden structure that supports the bathroom sink and counter top. Unfinished vanities, also called sink bases, are made with oak, maple, pine or cherry exterior while interior pieces, such as the back panel or drawer compartments, are made


To accurately measure a bathroom sink, measure the length, depth and width of the current sink or the sink area with a tape measure. When measuring, always double-check the measurements for accuracy.


To install a bathroom sink, turn off the water supply, unscrew and remove the water lines, pull out the sink, caulk the sink hole, set the new sink inside, and reconnect the water lines. This 90-minute process requires a bucket, pliers, caulk, gloves and a wrench.


One unique bathroom vanity cabinet looks like a wine barrel fit with a round copper sink and fixtures made of brushed bronze. The barrel has ample storage space, and the door pull is in the shape of a bunch of grapes.


Vanity tables are sold by major furniture retailers, as well as antique stores and online sellers of used furniture. If you are looking for a modern vanity, search on the websites of your favorite furniture brands. If you would prefer an antique, used vanity, search through local antique and thrift


To install a drop-in bathroom sink, check for clearance, mark the cutout, cut the hole, install the sink and connect it to the plumbing. The tools and supplies you need include an electric drill, a jigsaw, a pipe wrench, an adjustable wrench, and the appropriate silicone caulk and waterproof epoxy c