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Bass Clef = Treble Clef two octaves lower, minus two notes (or one line down fr the same note-name.G is the bottom (1st) line of Bass, but the 2nd line of Treble. Thus you write the same note-name one line higher (if on a line), or one space higher (if on a space) if you are changing a Bass Clef note (such as written for a Bass, or the left hand of a piano) to Treble.


Notes in the treble clef will probably range through 3 octaves. And notes in the bass clef will also range through 3 octaves. The A in the treble clef - which octave is it in. Taking that A to the bass clef you should take it to the same octave there, i.e. upper ledger A in the treble clef, will transpose to the upper ledger notes of the bass clef.


Locate the first note on your treble clef. If the note is an E written on the fourth space, the note needs to be an E in bass clef. Go to your bass clef and write the E on the third space of the bass clef. If you want the note to be lower, move to the a lower E on the bass clef, located one ledger line below the bass clef.


In this video I'll show you quickly how to take a song written in treble clef and transpose it down two octaves to bass clef, or from bass clef up to treble clef. Some people have been asking what ...


Tenor clef is similar except middle C in tenor clef looks like the D 14 semitones above the middle C in treble clef. That's as much as I know and even that may be shakey. Notation programs like Sibelius and Finale probably can handle alternate clefs. Home Studio and Sonar only do a halfway decent job with treble and bass clef.


Best Answer: okay. i can't read bass clef, but I know how to convert it to treble. just do this backwards, and you should be fine. when I see bass clef, I know that treble clef is two full steps higher than bass clef. so... take treble and drop it two steps. if you see a G note, it looks like E on the bass ...


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Conversion from Treble to Bass Clef.... can you do it? fhewins • Sep 7, 2012 - 22:53. I am a new user, but cannot find the answer in the manual. So.. I have copied 4 voices from a score (SATB).. In it, the tenor line is written in the Treble Clef. I have copied it out as written, but now want to combine Tenor and Bass into the Bass Clef.


There are now some sections for the right hand (see except) which are written in the bass left, but which would be easier to read if in the treble clef. I am wanting to automatically select these particular notes and "convert" them into the treble clef rather than replacing them or moving them manually and individually into the treble clef.


Grade 4 Music Theory Lesson 11: Clefs. By now you should already know about two clefs - the treble clef and the bass clef. For grade four theory, you also need to understand the alto clef. What is a clef? A clef is a symbol we write at the left hand side of every stave, to show you which notes lie on which lines.