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Recipes / Chicken Breast. Community Pick. Basic Brine for Juicy, Tender Chicken or Turkey ... If doing a whole turkey, use the recipe servings changer to up the servings to 6-10. Put your turkey in an insulated cooler with enough water to cover and add in a 5 pound bag of ice. Brine overnight.


Smoked Turkey Breast Recipe Using an Easy Brine to add Moisture. June 26, 2017 by Denise 14 Comments. This easy brined smoked turkey breast recipe is great for summer sandwiches and snacking. Or do like we did and have Thanksgiving in June! Sandwich recipes that use that yummy turkey!


Here's a simple, adaptable brine recipe that will give roasted turkey a terrific flavor base. This produces 1 gallon, which should be adequate to submerge a small turkey (up to 12 pounds). Double the recipe for birds up to 20 pounds. If you'd prefer to brine overnight, reduce the amounts of sugar and salt by half. Watch our how-to video.


How to Brine a Turkey Breast. Learn how to brine a turkey breast and your Holidays will shine. I promise if you just try this method once you will NEVER roast a turkey without it again. My brother-in-law introduced this method to us years ago and I have not roasted a turkey without doing it since that eye-opening Thanksgiving.


A dry turkey is a big disappointment, and most people agree that a simple brine helps make a juicier, tastier holiday turkey. Water, salt, sugar and herbs make up this basic, simple brine for a 12 to 15-pound turkey.


Discover easy turkey brine recipes from Food Network that will keep your bird perfectly moist while it’s roasting in the oven.


Brining is the process of immersing a turkey in a saltwater bath overnight, which draws water into the cells of the turkey so it stays juicy when cooked. If you don’t have cheesecloth, you can baste the turkey with the butter and wine mixture after about an hour of baking and every 30 minutes after that until the turkey is done.


RELATED: 6 Easy Brine Recipes. How to Wet Brine Turkey. 1. Combine salt, water, and aromatics. The ratio of salt to water is the most important part of the turkey wet brine. A good rule of thumb is one cup of salt for every gallon of water. An 8- to 12-pound turkey will likely require two gallons of water to fully submerge the bird.


Best brine for smoked turkey around. This recipe was given to me by my uncle. He is always smoking meat. ... Out of This World Turkey Brine. Brining your turkey preps it perfectly for smoking or roasting. Get the magazine. ... Basic Brine for Smoking Meat. Savory Turkey Brine. Incredible Turkey Brine.


This is a very basic brine recipe for preparing meats and fish for smoking. Add any personal taste preferences to the brine for additional flavor enhancement. I like to add white wine, soy sauce and various herbs and spices. Anything that you like will work, so experiment at will.