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Five major concepts used in psychology to explain human behavior are the biological, learning, cognitive, psychoanalytic and sociocultural perspectives. A majority of psychologists take an eclectic approach, using components of all five concepts to understand and address different human behaviors.


Carl Rogers (1951) viewed the child as having two basic needs: positive regard from other people and self-worth. How we think about ourselves, our feelings of self-worth are of fundamental importance both to psychological health and to the likelihood that we can achieve goals and ambitions in life and achieve self-actualization.


Psychology can also play a role in improving your health and well-being. For example, understanding some of the basic principles of behavioral psychology might come in handy if you are trying to break a bad habit and establish new routines. Knowing more about some of the things that motivate behavior can be useful if you are trying to stick to a weight loss plan or exercise regimen.


Humanistic psychology theories began to grow in popularity during the 1950s. While earlier theories often focused on abnormal behavior and psychological problems, humanist theories instead emphasized the basic goodness of human beings. Some of the major humanist theorists included Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow.


Psychology as a basic science provides a foundation for applied psychology. Applied psychology, by contrast, involves the application of psychological principles and theories yielded up by the basic psychological sciences; these applications are aimed at overcoming problems or promoting well-being in areas such as mental and physical health and ...


How to Obtain a Basic Knowledge of Psychology. Psychology is an academic discipline that studies the mind and human behavior. Whatever your reasons for wanting to learn about psychology, you can choose between some basic learning methods...


He attacked the notions of conscientiousness and introspection but also instinct, sensation, perception, motivation, mental states, mind and imagery. Goal of psychology is the prediction and control of behavior. Reached by limiting psychology to an objective study of habits formed through stimulus-response connections.


Classical Adlerian psychology is the system of psychology set up and developed by Alfred Adler under the title of individual psychology after his break with Sigmund Freud.. It is also a contemporary Adlerian movement claiming (in quasi-polemical fashion) to preserve the genuine values of Adler's work in the present age.


Basic tendencies are the universal raw material of personality. (Artistic talent, homosexuality, etc.; enduring) Characteristic adaptations are acquired personality structures that develop as people adapt to their environment.


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