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BASIC LINE DANCE TERMS Step Description written by Tony & Lana Wilson, Desert Dancers LLC ukwtony@dakotacom.net, keedance@dakotacom.net, www.tucsondancer.com BRUSH/SCUFF Scuffs are done with the heel. Foot swings forward with just heel touching Brushes are done with the ball of the foot forward, back, or across.

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Basic Line Dance Terminology Most dances fall into one of four categories • One step • Two step • Cha cha • Waltz. The first three are counted in groups of 8 beats of music, whilst the waltz is counted in groups of 6 beats of music. The steps of the first three are counted individual ly e.g. 1,2,3,4 or in double time e.g. 1&2, 3&4.


A video of basic Linedance steps for beginners Vine/grapevines, shuffle steps, coaster steps, sailor steps,steplock steps, kickball change, pivot turns, heel hitch.


The following is a list of line dance terms and step sequences that I have collected from various sources, both off the net and in print, including step sheets and other glossary compilations. ... Description: Camel Step: 2: ... step other foot together. Note that this is the basic vine - in many cases (at any level) a vine may have the 4th ...


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Basic Line Dance Steps By Chris Olvera ; Updated September 15, 2017. Line dancing is great way to have fun while tipping back a cold one in your favorite honky tonk or just for some exercise. You don’t need a partner, just the knowledge of a few simple steps to get you in the line and dancing. Pretty soon you’ll be Boot Scootin’ and doin ...


And like any activity that is full of jargon, unless you know the jargon, ie: the names for at least the basic step sequences, you will, without doubt, be totally clueless when you first try to learn a dance. ... along with a step-by-step description of the sequence. ... 45 degrees out from the centre of the Line of Dance (direction). Fan: 2:


Beginning line dancers can tackle this dance with confidence that the steps are basic enough, and the music slow enough, for everyone to learn the dance with ease. Additional Online Step Sheets. If line dancing is a new passion of yours, you may be interested in learning a long list of dances.


Basic line dance steps for beginners. Basic line dance steps for beginners. Skip navigation ... Basic Steps -Line Dance (Part 2 )for New Beginner - Line Dance Basic Steps - Duration: 11:48.


Guide to Line Dance Level Definitions. ... commonly used line dance levels – Absolute Beginner, Beginner, Improver, Intermediate and Advanced. ... Full descriptions of all the dance steps indicated here will be available on the new Linedancer website which is launching soon.