Some basic farm tools are the shovel, hoe, rake, manure spreader and handcart, while a fence-post driver, wire stretcher and fence pliers are necessary for farm fences. Pocket knives, wrenches, screwdrivers, hammers and ... More »

Tools used by the Iroquois included stone axes, flint knives, hoes, arrowheads and knives. Tools of the Iroquois served many purposes: some helped the Iroquois farm, while others facilitated hunting and preparing animals... More »

The Mills Fleet Farm store offers many consumer products, including farm and garden supplies, clothing, groceries, motorcycles, ATVs, fishing supplies, hunting accessories, home improvement supplies, pet products, sports... More » Business & Finance Corporations

Some common garden tools include the hand hoe, a micro-tip blade, pruners and a rake. The hand cultivator, shovel and hand trowel are also common garden tools. These tools have different functions. More » Home & Garden Gardening & Landscapes

Big R stores sell a variety of products for use by general consumers as well as farm and ranch workers, including apparel, sporting goods, tools and pet care products, as of 2015. The chain of stores also sells livestock... More » Business & Finance Industries Agriculture

Some basic steps in learning to farm are determining what crops the farm can produce and deciding what equipment is necessary to get the farm operational. It is also a good idea to draw up a budget for living on seasonal... More » Business & Finance Industries Agriculture

Many of Brushy Mountain Bee Farm's online bee products fall into two major categories: tools and equipment for beekeeping and products made from beeswax and honey. Accessory gift items include bee-related apparel, decora... More » Business & Finance Industries Agriculture