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Some important programming basics include language features such as variables, boolean logic, logical operators and conditional statements. It is also essential to understand binary and be aware of programming paradigms. A variable is a symbolic name that refers to a value. Boolean algebra uses the


Beginning computer users can improve their skills by enrolling in a basic computing course at a community college or by taking courses offered through public libraries and community resource centers. Library courses tend to be brief, focusing on a single topic such as keyboard skills, using the Inte


To learn basic computer skills, review the tutorials and instructions on websites such as GCFLearnFree.org and CTDLC.org. Choose a section or topic you want to review, and click on the appropriate links to access tutorials. Alternatively, sign up for free on websites, such as Alison.com, and take an


Some basic computer terms that beginners should know include URL, IP address, driver, malware and firewall. The terms URL, malware, and IP address are used in the context of the Internet in general, while the other terms are usually used when talking about individual computers.


Beginner computer classes are often available at local libraries and community centers for members of the community to attend. A variety of classes are also available online and can be taken remotely.


Computer Basics by DigitalUnite and A Learner's Guide to the Computer by GrassRootsDesign are good computer guides for beginners. Whereas Computers Basics focuses on operating systems and user experience, the guide by GrassRootsDesign explains the technical sides of computers in simple terms.


Some basic facts about robots are they all have moving parts, they usually have metal or plastic components, and they use actuators to move segments or components of their bodies. All robots need an electrical power source to function.


Spanish is one of the easiest languages for English speakers to learn, even if they have never learned another language. English and Spanish share the same alphabet, along with several hundred cognates, which are words derived from the same root and have similar meanings spellings and even pronuncia


Some computer science skills for beginners are theory, programming, design, and basics of algorithms and data structures. Whether you wish to become a researcher or programmer, these sub-fields can help you gain an overall perspective on computer science.


SmartWebby.com provides a basic tutorial on the four ways to create animations in Flash, as well as information on Flash symbols and how to use them. Adobe.com also offers information on the basic processes of Flash aimed at beginners.