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Basic Comma Rules 7th Grade Language Arts Class 1. Commas are used to separate words, phrases, or clauses in a series. Mr. Jensen wanted us to bring apples, milk, and bread. (words) Rehearsal will be held before school, during recess, and after school.


1 Commas (Eight Basic Uses) To better understand the use of the comma, begin by learning the following eight basic uses: 1. SE A COMMA TO SEPARAU TE INDEPENDENT CLAUSES. Rule: Use a comma before a coordinating conjunction (and, but, yet, so, or nor, for) when it joins two complete ideas (independent clauses).


comma rules powerpoint The SIX Basic Comma Rules Conquering the Comma Comma Usage PowerPointPowerPoint Comma Rules with examples - Mary Hudson. The SIX Basic Comma Rules Commas Purdue OWL: Conquering the Comma When to Use Commas PowerPoint This PowerPoint Presentation is ©2011 by Robin L. Simmons.


» Punctuation follows special rules when used with quotations marks –some make sense, others are arbitrary. All of the rules can be summed up in the “Rule of Two”! Two punctuation marks (commas and periods) go inside the quotation marks, twopunctuation marks (colons and


Basic Comma Rules Commas Use the comma to set off elements in a series (three or more things). She likes running, dancing, and jumping. Commas Use a comma before a ... – A free PowerPoint PPT presentation (displayed as a Flash slide show) on PowerShow.com - id: 3d9738-ZTE4M


The English House of Commas ... element: One last rule: Don’t over-use commas! When a comma is needed, use it; otherwise, do without. Reviewing the rules of comma usage will help you understand the way sentences are built — and that, ultimately, will help you become a better writer. This PowerPoint presentation was created by Charles ...


5. At the West Oaks Mall food court, Aisha winked at Rodney, a cute young man in a tight T-shirt. Comma Tip 4 Complete sentence + , + and complete sentence. item + Ø + and + item item item item + , + and + + , + Follow these rules when you use commas with and. 1.


Commas-Appositives Use commas around words, phrases, and clauses in the middle of a sentence when they aren’t essential to the meaning of the sentence. (EX. May be an APPOSITIVE) Mr. Boesch, perhaps America’s most beloved teacher, died of sorrow because his students didn’t understand comma rules.


Basic Comma Rules Commas Use the comma to set off elements in a series (three or more things). She likes running, dancing, and jumping. Commas Use a comma before a coordinating conjunction (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so) to separate two independent clauses.