According to the BBC, the three basic teachings of Christianity are that there is only one God, Jesus is the son of God and God exists as a trinity, or three parts. Christians tend to call God "Father," a practice rooted... More »

Jehovah's Witnesses believe in one deity - the God of Abraham, Moses and Jesus. They view themselves as strict adherents to the form of Christianity established by Jesus. More » World View Religion

Mormons believe in the basic tenants of Christianity. They believe that Christ is the son of God, that his death on the cross redeems mankind of its sins and allows mankind into heaven to live with God eternally. They al... More » World View Religion Christianity

The basic tenets of Christianity, typically referred to as the core doctrines, include the belief that there is only one true God; that God exists in the form of a Trinity, or three gods in one; that God is omnipresent a... More »

Christianity developed out of Judaism during the 1st century A.D. It is founded on the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, who followers believe to be a living incarnation of God and the fulfillment of Jewish prophe... More »

Some fun facts about Christianity include: the Bible is a best seller book, the Bible has been translated into Klingon for Star Trek enthusiasts, the belief in one God that created the whole universe, God has more than 1... More »

Christians believe that there is one triune God, who is father, son and holy spirit. They believe that salvation comes from a belief in Jesus as the son of God and in his death and resurrection. Salvation is not earned b... More »