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The MasterColor product family comes with the Master Builders Solutions technical support team from BASF. By listening to our customers and working closely with them we are able to introduce new and exciting products and develop specific solutions for the most efficient and cost-effective concrete production.


Integral Liquid Color Enhance concrete structures with color. Concrete coloring admixtures increase value and aesthetic appeal, with excellent color uniformity, UV resistance, long-lasting vibrancy, and enhanced finishing characteristics.


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Master Builders Solutions Single Component Color Reference. Master Builders Solutions Color Portfolio. Master Builders Standard Colors for Sealants


with MasterColor® integral liquid coloring admixtures from BASF. Decorative concrete increases property values by enhancing the look and feel of hard landscaping and floors, transforming traditionally gray surfaces into those that reflect individual style and aesthetic choices. MasterColor Integral Liquid Coloring Admixtures Go from Gray

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BASF Corporation Admixture Systems www.master-builders-solutions.basf.us page 2 of 3 MasterColor Guidelines for Use General: Due to the graying effect of most cements, there are some custom colors that can only be produced using very


MasterColor liquid-coloring admixtures meet the colorfastness testing of 500 hours light exposure per ASTM C 979. In addition, MasterColor liquid-coloring admixtures have ... BASF warrants this product to be free from manufacturing defects and to meet the technical properties on the current


With the installation of the CAM System and the use of BASF’s innovative MasterColor® liquid-coloring admixtures, we are positioned to provide Northeastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania with quality colored concrete for residential, commercial and industrial applications.


Products. This section showcases our global product portfolio only.To find technical product information, drawings, and details please use the country locator below and select the region and country of your choice.You will then be directed to your local website with complete product information for your local needs.


Colorize modern plastic and fiber materials with either masterbatches or dry blends. Our portfolio gives you a versatile range of standard and tailored, high-performance products for a variety of applications in automotive, packaging, construction, household, fibers, sports and leisure, and many more.