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The way a basement wall is repaired is determined by the problem that caused the damage. Damage that occurs to the wall is typically caused by seepage or leakage. Wetness that occurs because of seepage or leakage happens for a number of reasons, each requiring a specific way to repair the damage.


To repair a basement wall crack, cut along the edges of the crack and fill the widened space with drywall compound. If the crack is deep, cut out the old section of paper tape, fill the hole with compound, apply new tape over the crack and coat the tape with compound.


Owens Corning and Champion are companies that both offer complete basement systems, including labor, to homeowners. Wahoo Walls sells basement wall systems to homeowners who want to finish their own basements.


To repair crumbling basement walls, remove the old mortar, clean the walls with a wire brush and repair with new mortar. The type of mortar used is dependent on the type of stone used in the wall as well as the condition of the stone itself.


To frame a basement wall, mark the position of the studs, assemble the frame on the floor, slide it into place, and secure with nails. Repeat for as many wall frames as necessary to complete the project.


As of June 2015, websites for This Old House, Ace Hardware and DIY Network have helpful information about sealing basement walls. This Old House lists six steps that give an overview of the process. A video with general contractor Tom Silva provides further details.


To fix a crack in a basement wall, clean the crack, apply sealer to the crack, fill it with urethane, and then test the crack. Be sure to protect your eyes and hands with goggles, and gloves respectively before attempting this task.


Insulate a basement by gluing 3/4-inch extruded foam insulation to the walls. Avoid using expanded foam that is not as durable and provides a lower insulation R-value. Before beginning the project, make sure you resolve any moisture problems in the basement.


To paint basement concrete walls, seal, prime then paint the walls. Completing the task takes several days, due to curing time for these painting products.


Some causes of water in basements include wall and floor leaks, improper slopes on the property and sewer backups. The presence of water in basements can be a health risk to home owners because of exposure to mold and its potential for electrocution due to proximity to electrical outlets.