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Not only are there field tips, blog articles, and how-to’s, but we also feature this online field dimensions guide. You’ll find everything you need for how to layout your baseball diamond or softball field.


Baseball Field Layout and Construction. The following page answers many questions about baseball field layouts including field dimensions, contstruction tips, and materials necessary for building a baseball field. "The ball field itself is a mystic creation, the Stonehenge of America." - Roger Kahn in A Season in the Sun (1997)


Before getting to the article, here are the basic dimensions of a baseball field: 90 feet between the bases and 60 feet 6 inches between the pitcher’s mound and home plate. Outfield dimensions are not standardized. Read on to learn about the history of baseball’s dimensions, as well as Little League dimensions.


How to Layout a Baseball Field - Download PDF . Related Content . ... Baseball & Softball Field Layouts & Dimensions. Dimensions and layouts for building baseball and softball fields. Read More. Pro League. Pro League® Conditioner Better color better performance. See for yourself. Mound Products.


Baseball and Softball Field Dimensions. There are a number of sites with dimensions for baseball and softball fields. I would like to consolidate some of that information and clear up a few points of confusion. I’ve also included youth baseball dimensions which can be difficult to find.


Major League (College, High School) Baseball Field Dimensions Major League Baseball Field dimensions range in size when it comes to the outfield, however all major league ball parks share the exact same infield measurements. Alexander Cartwright set down the first rules of baseball in the middle 1800’s.


Printable layout of athletic field dimensions. Diagrams for most popular sports field dimensions. Baseball field dimensions ¤ softball field dimensions ¤ a football field diagram and soccer field dimensions too. Diagrams courtesy of Markers Inc. Avon Lake in Ohio.


Official Baseball Field Diagrams, Measurements, and Dimensions for youth, high school, and college. Make sure you do the job right using the right measurements. You can use these for the base cutouts, base paths when edging, areas around the mound and home plate, and the infield skin.


Baseball and softball field dimensions. Tips and Notes: Baseball. Measuring base paths: The starting point is the white tip at the back of home plate (the part pointing to the catcher and backstop). Measure from the tip to the back corner of first base (the corner closest to the foul line and furthest from second base and home.)